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If you don’t yet know about my YouTube channel, AwesomeGCP, check that out first, because this post is about new videos planned for that channel. There are playlists to learn Google Cloud and to prepare for various Google Cloud certifications.

New Terminologies Videos

In technical and sales sessions I’ve conducted, I’ve noticed that people are not familiar with certain cloud terminologies. For example, the first one I’m doing, RFC 1918 and private addresses. They either disconnect at that point, assume something wrong, or simply skip the term. Even those preparing for the certifications, whether it’s the Associate, Professional, or the Digital Leader, struggle with understanding some of these concepts. Those who understand the terminology are often not able to apply it in context to make decisions. For example, what is the relevance of RFC 1918 for hybrid and shared networks.

The Terminologies video series attempts to bridge that gap. It explains the terminology in simple terms, shows briefly how it is relevant on Google Cloud, and also discusses the additional things to consider, like areas that it wouldn’t work in, security, cost, alternate products and technologies, etc.

Cloud Digital Leader Playlist

I’ve also put together a playlist of videos for those preparing for the Cloud Digital Leader. Before I get into that, a continuation of terminologies videos for the Cloud Digital Leader. Since the Cloud Digital Leader certification is relevant for those who are not entirely technical, the videos on key Google Cloud terminologies are very important.

You should expect that various course creators are going to put out courses for Cloud Digital Leader in the near future. So my thinking here is to complement and supplement those courses with material that I do not think they will cover in-depth, at least based on courses I have seen so far. If you get the key concepts that I’ve covered in these videos, it will help you go faster through those other courses. So, use them well.

I had written this in my notes after completing the Cloud Digital Leader certification: “The greatest similarity was to the Professional Cloud Architect and the Associate Cloud Engineer, with bits of Network Engineer, Security Engineer, Data Engineer, and Machine Learning Engineer thrown in.” Hence, many of the videos I’d created for these other certifications are relevant for the CDL, and that is what you’ll predominantly see in the Cloud Digital Leader playlist as of now. I’ve curated the relevant ones while I’ve removed the more technically intense ones. I’ve retained some that are technical because it explains some concept or the other as a part of it.

Check them out and wish you success in your learning and Cloud Digital Leader certification!

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